James, M. R.

Sir Gerald Kelly: M. R. James (1936)

Montague Rhodes James

Montague Rhodes James was an English author, medievalist scholar and provost of King's College, Cambridge (1905–18), and of Eton College (1918–36).

He is best known for his ghost stories, which first appeared in four collections. ‘Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You’ appeared in the first of these, Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (1904). He went on to write More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (1911), A Thin Ghost and Others (1919), and A Warning to the Curious and Other Ghost Stories (1925). The first hardback collected edition was published in 1931.

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M. R. James: Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (1904)

Biography & Secondary Literature:

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M. R. James: Collected Ghost Stories (1931)

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