Tawhai, Alice

Alice Tawhai

Alice Tawhai

Alice Tawhai, of Tainui and Ngā Puhi descent, was inspired to start writing when she read The Bone People by Keri Hulme as a teenager, and absolutely loved it.

Alice thinks of writing stories as being like painting with words. The colours and the shades have to be exactly right. Her writing practice could be seen as unorthodox as she doesn't start each story at the beginning and finish at the end, she just writes random paragraphs until she knows that they're all there, and then strings them together in an order that makes some sort of sense.

Alice prefers anonymity and thinks that her inspirations, her characters she writes about, deserve any accolades she receives.

Her first book Festival of Miracles was named by the judges of the Montana Book Awards 2006 as one of three deserving candidates for the Best First Book Award for Fiction.

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Homepages & Online Information:

Huia Publishers Homepage

Alice Tawhai: Dark Jelly (2011)

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