Léon Carré: Tarot of the 1001 Nights


This is a 15 credit paper, 100 % internally assessed. This is how the marks are divided up:

  1. Praxis Portfolio: 20 %
    consisting of
    • THREE out of the 5 Course Exercises workshopped during weeks 2-6.

  2. Essay: 30 %
    consisting of

  3. Creative Portfolio: 50 %
    consisting of
    • Either TWO short stories or ONE longer story
    • A piece of critical reflection on one of your stories

  4. = 100 %
NB: All three assignments are compulsory, and must be submitted in order to pass the course. You do not have to pass every one of them, but each must be accepted for grading by your marker.

This applies even if you have enough marks in the assignments you have completed to pass on the strength of those alone.

Worth: 20%
Due in: End of Week 7
Word-limit: 1200-1500 words

Hand in what you consider your THREE best writing exercises (of the five you’ve attempted to date). They can be either in the raw form you presented them at the workshop, or rewritten in accordance with the suggestions made there.

Worth: 30%
Due in: End of Week 9
Word-limit: 1500 words

Write a critical analysis of ONE of the short pieces of fiction included among the Course readings (either from the Prescribed Text or the Course Book of Readings). This may involve comparing it with other works in that genre, contextualising it in its author’s body of work, or analysing it by conducting a close reading of the story itself.

Worth: 50%
Due in: End of Week 13
Word-limit: 4000 words

You can hand in either TWO short stories, or ONE longer story. In either case, they should be accompanied by a short (500-750 word) critical reflection on the process you followed in creating one of your pieces of fiction.

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